We are developing DBLabs Platform, a small and fast data integration platform. DBLabs Platform enables customers to easily and quickly acquire a big-data infrastructure to start running data analytics. Due to the small footprint and optimized CDC techniques, which is the main problem in such infrastructures, our platform generally provides much better response times than other systems. DBLabs Platform will be offered at very competitive prices because it can meet the needs of a big-data infrastructure without additional and often unnecessary features.

DBLabs also offers data engineering and data science consulting services for the design, development and operation of complex, data-heavy applications. The current Data Engineering projects include handling of large real-time datasets with a variety of storage systems (Relational Databases, NoSQL Systems and HDFS), data processing, performing ETL and integrating with existing BI and visualization tools. The Data Science team focuses on building machine learning applications and applying deep learning algorithms in real-world problems.